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Platinum Roulette System.
  • This system is used only on the near 50/50 bets such as red and black. 
  • After each losing bet, the next bet is exactly double the previous one. For example, if the first bet is $1 on red, and you lose, the next bet is $2. If that loses also, then the next bet is $4 and so on.
  • If win you return to your first stake and bet $1
 A way to lower the possible downside on any progressive system
 based on raising the bet when a loss occurs is to limit the string of bets. For instance, the gambler may establish a predefined number of losses, after which he will go back to the original bet.
If you have enough money for 10 doubles, chances to lose are very minimal. I have never seen one colour occurs 10 times in a row, so let's earn some money.
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